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Configuration for DNN 7.x

first post: jhewgley wrote: Has anyone used this with DNN 7.x? I am unsure of how to configure...

Integrate with Sharepoint 2013

first post: NourDin wrote: Hello does anyone have sample code do use crm memebership provider ...

latest post: PhilMarcuson wrote: Steve Peschka blogs about this extensively, but it is the same setu...

Are we using External connector license in ASP .Net Membership Provider for CRM 2011 on-premises?

first post: ankit007_shah wrote: I would like to implement this open source software for one of my c...

Unmanaged CRM solution

first post: nklein wrote: This is a very interesting project! It is exactly what we need for...

latest post: JZorro wrote: Many thanks nklein!

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