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Project Description

The CRM 2011 ASP.NET Membership provider Contains Membership Provider and a Role Manager, that can be used in ASP.NET Applications and/or ASP.NET based CMS Systems like Umbraco, C1, etc.

The project contains the following:

  1. Configurable Membership provider, that can authorize contacts in your CRM 2011 system to selected areas on your website.
  2. Configurable Role Provider, that extends the Membership Provider with Role-based security
  3. A Managed CRM 2011 Solution which adds the following to your CRM 2011 Database Schema:
    • A Web Membership Entity with a N:1 relationship to the Contact entity
    • A Web Role Entity with an N:1 relationship to the Web Membership

Feature Overview

  • A fully implemented ASP.NET Web Membership Provider and Role Manager
  • Can be used in every CMS System that supports ASP.NET Forms Authentication and Memberships, as well as custom Web Applications
  • CRM 2011 as the Back-end Storage for Web Memberships and Roles
  • Both Memberships and Roles can be managed from the CRM System – either manually or via. Workflows and extensions
  • Contains a Managed CRM Solution for easy install / uninstall on the CRM Server
  • CRM Web Membership Entity contains field security profile to enable lock-down of sensitive information
  • Contacts can have multiple Web Memberships, with different Roles on each Membership

The Provider is based on the standard design patterns of how to create custom ASP.NET Providers.

Figure 1: Creating a new account on the web site


Figure 2: Log on to the Web site using a Web Membership


Figure 3: The Web Membership is managed by the CRM 2011 System, and Connected to the Contact having the Email Address of the Membership registration


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